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Photo of Ann M. Augustine

Ann M. Augustine

Ann M. Augustine LLC
Home 1315 San Rafael Ave. Santa Barbara CA 93109 United States of America Cell Phone: 561-414-6503 Messenger: 561-414-6503 Website: Ann M. Augustine LLC


Ann M. Augustine, MBA is a Certified Canfield Trainer in the Success Principles. For over 25 years, she has helped corporations get to the next level of success through leadership, technical excellence, and service.

As professional writer and trainer, Ann inspires leadership and potential in executives, technicians, and professionals. Ann and collaborators develop transformational training programs focused on helping individuals, teams, and organizational groups discover their endless possibilities.

In consulting and training engagements, she is personable, giving individuals and teams the most honest and respectful feedback, while instinctively instructing and supporting their strengths, values, and work in collaborative teams.

Ann directed regional Women in Technology International (WITI) events along with the regional Mentoring program to help women in developing their leadership roles. Men would also come to regional networking events to learn and support their peers.

To help teams collaborate and break the silos often seen in corporate environment, Ann created the site for About, an IAC company, the largest source of expert content. Using a broad range of innovation toolkits, intranets/extranets, project management tips, and leadership principles, small organizations to large enterprise implementations benefitted in receiving expert product reviews and case studies.

Earning the Sustainable Business Program Certificate from Columbia Business School’s renowned Alumni Club NY, Ann and team members helped, through written articles and training, to automate business processes and identify fair trade practices and energy efficiencies through sustainable business alternatives.

Ann is a member of New York Institute of Technology’s School of Management Alumni Advisory Board and mentors students in pursuing their career or job goals.

Certification Level

  • Certified Success Principles


  • English

Speakers Fee Range

$1,000 to $2,999

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