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Photo of Bill Bergau

Bill Bergau

Success Coach, Inspirational Trainer, Career Coach Peak Career & Success Coaching, LLC
Work FL US Website: Peak Career & Life Coaching, LLC


What is your “why”?  All of us have a direction to discover, a purpose to fulfill, a yearning to uncover our true selves.  Bill believes that we as individuals, even organizations and businesses, must dive into the sea of discovery of our why.

Bill Bergau found his why – like many of us – the hard way.  Working in an extreme range of businesses and industries, his career and professional path eventually led him to several important areas, including directing college students and youth into success, medical sales and marketing, and team development and successes.

Bill’s “why” is to encourage others to be their best, to discover their true purpose, and to bring success training to individuals, teams, and businesses.

The three areas that Bill focuses on include:

Success Training
Career Choice and Transition
Team Building

How does he bring success training to you? Through one-on-one coaching, team development and success training, and group presentations.  Bill can also bring faith-based success training and growth concepts to you and your business.  This can be a game-changer for many individuals, and groups.

Through uplifting, directed, many times funny and always relevant stories and examples, his goals in team coaching and group trainings are to help you and your team demonstrate measurable success, feel connected to the group, and develop a positive, supportive relationship.

Bill’s personality is fun-loving, truly encouraging and supportive, and optimistic that all can achieve success!

Let’s uncover your “why” today!

Certification Level

  • Certified Success Principles


  • English

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