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Photo of Dr. Don Ray Booz

Dr. Don Ray Booz

Executive Coach Booz and Associates
Cell Phone: 909-524-9067


As an ICF certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who specializes in conversational intelligence, emotional intelligence, leadership skills and anger management, I work with a variety of professionals and their organizations helping them to reach their professional goals by developing a strategic action plan that produces results. My action oriented approach to goal achievement is immersed in leadership development programs, team emotional intelligence training workshops and executive coaching with a proven record of sustainable results. Bottom line: I am a behavioral change coach. Subsequently, I am not in the business of wasting my clients time nor my time with a client who does not want to change and improve their skill set.

Leadership Development
Communication Skills
Self-talk Training
Anger/Emotional Management
Training & Development
Keynote Speaker
Although Executive Coaching is my speciality, leadership development training and team training are all areas of expertise.


• Doctoral degree educated, as well as Executive Coach and leadership assessment certified professional
• A keen strategist with expertise in devising policies and plans for improving a national organization, including achieving financial objectives and growth
• Renowned for 20 + years for building relationships with key decision makers
• Experienced Executive Coach with expertise in increasing Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I), Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP), and resolving human capital resource issues
• Lead EI workshops and Leadership trainings at The University of Kansas Health System

Mission Statement:
Changing the world one skill at a time.

Certification Level

  • Certified Success Principles

Speakers Fee Range

$3,000 to $4,999

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