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Photo of Mr Eric Thomas Whitmoyer

Mr Eric Thomas Whitmoyer

President & CEO Insider Success Solutions
Work 2622 E Palm Beach Dr Chandler AZ 85249 United States Work Phone: 602.200.4496 Website: Insider Success Solutions Website: Superior Consulting Solutions


Eric Whitmoyer is a highly accomplished “no-nonsense” executive, life-coach, public speaker, author, and business consultant. He is an entrepreneur and executive leader that leverages his skills, experience, and finely-honed business acumen to vault companies to peak success. Among his many achievements, Eric is recognized as an Advanced Certified Trainer in the “Success Principles” material and methodologies by the prestigious Jack Canfield Organization. Additionally, Eric is a certified instructor of the Culture Transformation Tools Training offered by the Barrett Values Centre. He is certified in numerous Sales Training and Sales Leadership programs. And recently, Eric published his first book, “Success with Goals – Designing Your Life with Purpose.”

A few of Eric’s significant accomplishments throughout his executive and entrepreneurial career include:

  • Early in Eric’s career, at just 21 years of age, he acquired his first distributorship with 75 accounts. Within two years he increased that business to 222 accounts and annual sales by 319%.
  • As a General Manager for a 165-store retailer, Eric successfully led 4 Regional Sales Managers and 200+ managers and sales representatives in 60 stores, through a reorganization that led to an increase in productivity of almost 94% in just 6 months.  During that same time by increasing operational efficiencies, reducing turnover, and increasing new hire productivity, this equated to an approximate $1 Million annual savings.
  • Eric launched his own wireless dealership, which he started with a single point of distribution. Within 2 years he was able to expand distribution to 9 locations and produce over $1 Million in annual revenue, without outside financing.
  • As an Executive Consultant, Eric played an integral role in leading an organization through a 21-store acquisition. After concluding the acquisition, Eric was retained to leverage his skills and oversee the newly acquired territories.
  • As an Executive for a 140-store wireless dealer, Eric successfully led 6 Directors and 300+ managers and sales representatives of a newly formed region to the top of performance results.  For a period of over 2 years they held the #1 Ranking almost exclusively, with an average target attainment of 124%, during a time when the dealer was recognized best in class on a National scale.  This performance was instrumental in the company attaining Operating Margins of 32% and Net Margins of almost 19.4%.
  • Recently for that same company, Eric successfully lead 9 Directors and 400+ managers and sales representatives from the worst producing region in the organization for over 4 years, to achieving the # 1 ranking and achieving sales targets by over 35%, within just 9 months after taking over the Division, more than doubling Operating Margins.

Eric is an expert in Sales and he challenges the long held negative stigma associated with the Sales Profession. He’s developed hundreds of successful sales professionals, sales leaders, and executives throughout his career. Eric’s winning strategies for success have transformed struggling organizations into highly-profitable, elite sales teams. Throughout his extensive sales leadership background a few accomplishments rise to the top:

  • As a Sales Manager Eric’s personal sales productivity was so consistent that he was always in the top 5 of the region or market he operated in.  His individual performances were led by aggressive referral & small business focus that led to steady and predictable results month in and month out.  His results were almost exclusively more than 150% of Goal.
  • As a District Manager for a National wireless dealer, he launched a customer follow-up program which resulted in an increase in sales by as much as 20% M-O-M for over 8 months, resulting in over a 112% increase in overall productivity.
  • While leading a sales team of 18 stores and 45 employees, he was able to increase unit sales productivity by 53% and total accessory dollars by 106%, in just 6 months.
  • While leading a sales force of over 200 employees, Eric introduced sales processes, store level operational efficiencies, and new hire training programs that led to improved sales performances by an increase of 94% in Activations and Upgrades, and 219% in ancillary sales metrics.

Eric has secured success in several areas of life extending beyond his professional accolades. He is most proud of his wife Lidia and their 2 wonderful children. Prior to starting a family, Eric adds these accomplishments to his proudest achievements:

  • World Ranked US Kickboxing Champion for over 2 years during 1994 and 1995
  • Served 9 Years in the Army National Guard
    • Graduated top of his class out of Basic and AIT as a High Honor Graduate
    • Qualified as Expert in multiple categories including fitness, marksmanship, and leadership
    • Awarded the Army Achievement Medal twice in his military career.

Certification Level

  • Certified Success Principles


  • English

Speakers Fee Range

$1,000 to $2,999

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