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Photo of Pavel Verbnyak

Pavel Verbnyak

Home Chertanovskaya str. 16-2-110 Moscow 117525 RussiaCell Phone: +79671978881Website: Pavel Verbnyak's personal website


Pavel Verbnyak is a professional speaker on personal development, goal-setting, the law of attraction and leadership. He is a success expert, life coach, the founder of “Successful Thinking” and the author of several books on unlocking human potential and personal efficiency. Pavel specializes in training and development of individuals and organizations, helping to set and achieve personal and professional goals, to eliminate limiting beliefs and fears, increase sales etc.

Since 2005 Pavel has been studying lives of successful people and applied the knowledge and ideas he’s learned into in his own life.
He is the graduate of Jack Canfield’s 2014 Train the Trainer program.

Pavel lives in Moscow, Russia, where he continually raises the bar on his own potential by increasing and expanding his comfort zone with continued personal and professional development.


Certification Level

  • Certified Canfield Methodology
  • Certified Success Principles


  • English
  • Russian

Speakers Fee Range

$5,000 to $8,999

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