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Photo of Mr. Venkata S Yarrabothula

Mr. Venkata S Yarrabothula

Principal Coach Goal Achievers Academy
Home 15620 Marathon Circle Gaithersburg MD 20878 USA Cell Phone: 6307306389


My name is Venkata S Yarrabothula and I am a software engineer turned Life & Business Success coach. I live near Washington DC, United States with my adorable spouse along with two amazing children whom I am proud of.
My life started with none of my parents or grandparents or great grandparents ever being educated, also being surrounded by an illiterate community. Born as the only son of a poor illiterate farmer in a small remote village in Andhra Pradesh, India, I have spent my childhood days on farm fields working as a daily laborer until age 9, which was when I first learnt to read and write. I had only 7 years of formal education from government rural school before I joined Indian Navy as a sailor at age 19. I attempted suicide at age 27 out of the depression led by a personal tragedy, mostly due to low self esteem. What turned my life around? How have I pulled myself out of that rut? What success principles made me achieve masters in computer science with distinction? What ideas and strategies made my career successful in Indian Navy? What life lessons led me to become a beloved professor in a College/University? What winner mindset brought me to USA to work with the best in the world as the most sought after software engineer? What tactics and strategies I used to become an author, speaker, seminar leader and coach.
It all started with my first personal empowerment book ‘Your erroneous zones” by Wayne Dyer which was handed over by a friend in order to help me to come out of depression I was going through. Empowered by the value of that single book, I went on a voyage of learning psychology, neuroscience, self-help and human empowerment strategies along with cutting edge change technologies like Hypnotism, Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Along the way, I have also applied what I learnt in my personal and professional life as I rose to higher ranks in Navy all the while completing my graduation and my Masters in Computer Applications with distinctions. I was the first person in Indian Navy to complete masters in computers doing night study while were still serving in Navy. All throughout my life, I have been reprogramming my mind to achieve the successes I enjoyed only through learning from books. Throughout this success journey, I had a vision of sharing these success strategies to people who want to make their life joyful and meaningful. That passion became a life purpose and became a burning desire to share my message to the masses. My life took a new turn after coming to USA, when I got the opportunity to be associated with Anthony Robbins(my hero), Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, Bob Proctor and John Maxwell and many others. Inspired to teach my proven success strategies on Life and Leadership mastery I have committed myself to become an author, speaker, seminar leader and life and business success coach.
Current Occupation: Software Engieering & Success Principles Trainer
Your Training / Speaking Experience: I am certified Life Success Consultant from Bob Proctor & certified Jack Canfield Success Principles trainer. As protégé of Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, in addition to successful growth from field worker to Naval Sailor to College Professor to Software Engineer and now as speaker and trainer, I can take you from the brink of possibility to the path of infinite probability and to the tangible reality.
Today, as the founder of Goal Achievers Academy and author of The First Creation – An Unspoken Strategy Of Goal Achievers, I focus my energies on speaking, coaching and conducting empowering seminars ( in addition to my regular software engineering job) by bringing powerful strategies to people. I am also available for private one-on-one coaching, group coaching using my live sessions or through tele-conferences and webinars.

If you want to get the permanent results in fulfilling your deepest desires, please contact me at or call me at 630.730.6389 or visit my personal website or Right now, you’re standing on the brink of your possibility. It’s time to seek out your destiny. It’s time to see and achieve one goal after another with a clear-headed and confident stride … no matter how big you might think that goal to be. Call me now on 630.730.6389 to find out how to give that glorious mind of yours the life-changing invitation it deserves.

Certification Level

  • Certified Success Principles


  • English
  • Hindi

Speakers Fee Range

Under $1,000

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