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The Canfield Trainer Directory, is a searchable online directory to connect with trained graduates of Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer Professional Development Program – a year-long intensive professional training program focused on how to experientially teach the principles of success and the facilitation of individual and group transformation.

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Photo of Ann M. Augustine

Ann M. Augustine, MBA is a Certified Canfield Trainer in the Success Principles. For over 25 years, she has helped corporations get to the next level of success through leadership, technical excellence, and service. As professional writer and trainer, Ann inspires leadership and potential in executives, technicians, and professionals. Ann and collaborators develop transformational training…

Photo of Mr Naing Win Aung

Mr Naing Win Aung

CEO & Founder

My name is Naing Win Aung. I am leading business & executive coach in Myanmar. I am CEO & Founder of Breakthrough Coaching, Training & Consulting. Our focus areas are Business Coaching, Executive Coaching & Leadership Development Trainings. I have learned from world class gurus such as Jack Canfield, John Maxwell, Blair Singer, Brian Tracy,…

Photo of Ms Raana F Azad

Ms Raana F Azad

Consultant, Quality Assurance and Coaching

I am a Scientist who has worked as a researcher in many small and large corporate settings including the Salk Institute, Mario Negri in Italy, Johnson & Johnson and Ionis Pharmacetuical, for 37 years. I have done a lot of Clinical Research and and helped a small agency grow from inception to corporate level over…

Photo of Maria D. Baez

Maria D. Baez

Transformational Trainer, Speaker and Coach

Maria is a leading authority on overcoming obstacles, keeping moving forward, and taste the victory of success. When she is not working on Transformational Events or making new connections to help inspire others toward personal growth, you can find her supporting clients through Personal Development Coaching. Maria enriches her life by creating and treasuring precious…

Photo of Teresita Calvendra Bagarinao

Teresita Calvendra Bagarinao

Speaker|Educator|Leader | Trainer

Teresita is a licensed professional teacher who has been working, leading, motivating and serving the youth and fellow educators for more than fifteen years now. A seasoned leader and trainer with first-rate skills in communication and effective facilitation, she has been invited to speak in various seminars and workshops for youth leadership training programs, teacher…

Photo of Miss Dona Pavithra Balasuriya LLB

• Full Name : Dona Pavithra Balasuriya. • Date of Birth : 09/12/1992 • Marital Status : Single. • Religion : Buddhist. • Nationality : Sri Lankan. • Hobbies : Singing, Dancing, Charity work, Public Speaking. • School : Musaeus College. Educational Qualifications. • Acquired Bachelor of Laws(LLB) from University of London in 2015. •…

Photo of Lori Ballantine

Lori Ballantine

Certified Trainer – Jack Canfield Success Principles

I am the owner of  Living Life Brilliantly, LLC .  For over 25 years I have been empowering people to live their best lives as a corporate trainer, personal coach, motivation speaker and leader of transformational workshops.

Photo of Armelle Barthalot

Je vous invite à découvrir mon histoire en suivant ce lien :

Photo of Dave Bauer

Dave Bauer is a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer. Having been introduced to the movie The Secret, he sought out Jack Canfield and attended one of his workshops. Immediately after the workshop, he signed up for the Train-the-Trainer™ Program and became certified. Dave read many books on the mind when he was a boy and…

Photo of Jennifer Marie Baugh

Jennifer Marie Baugh

Thought Leader

Jennifer speaks to administrators, educators and corporate executives about the importance of emotional intelligence and mindfulness in the classroom, office or boardroom. As an individual who struggled with undiagnosed ADHD until age 35, Jennifer brings a fresh perspective to the importance of effective communication, creating a positive, engaging environment for students and staff to thrive…

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