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The Canfield Trainer Directory, is a searchable online directory to connect with trained graduates of Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer Professional Development Program – a year-long intensive professional training program focused on how to experientially teach the principles of success and the facilitation of individual and group transformation.

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Photo of Nadège COMPPER

Speech therapist since 1988, Nadège Compper is a specialist in psychopedagogy, language and intellectual functions (communication, attention, concentration, memory). Moreover, in order to respond more effectively to the different needs of her patients, she has also been trained in several complementary fields: sophro-relaxation, mental management, kinesthetic education or Brain-Gym®, vocal technique, psychotherapy mediated by art…

Photo of Mrs Anne Elizabeth Cook

Mrs Anne Elizabeth Cook

the Healing Zone Academy

After several years of being ill, following the “doctors” orders and getting worse, I took it upon myself to find my own health! It was only a few weeks of no medication, change in food, outlook and attitude, together with holistic therapies ranging from Aura-Soma, crystal therapy and eventually finding a brilliant homeopath, I not…

Photo of Connor Cranston

Connor Cranston

Coach, Trainer, Speaker

How awesome is it to be adopted twice and survive death twice?! Being born in a little town in Vietnam (which I don't even know the name of ) with a twin brother and being raised by a single mom because my dad abandoned me was no easy task. Going to Afghanistan and doing the…

Photo of Kim Cruz

Kim Cruz

CEO and Founder

Managing Change. Leading People. Transforming Organizations. Making it Stick. For mid-size and large companies, business-critical change is not the exception. It’s the rule.  We aim to start a whole new global conversation about Change Leadership.Discover a fresh approach to lead and succeed with your company’s biggest change initiatives while putting people and planet first. What…

Photo of Joelle Dagher

Joelle Dagher is a passionate traveler who’s been to 75 cities in 21 countries. She recently started her own travel blog where she shares her daily experiences, and post reviews on hotels, attractions, food, etc. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics, a certificate in Human Resources, and she is the first student to become a Certified Canfield Trainer in…

Photo of Heather Ann Dempsey

When Heather began her career in the wellness industry, in 1993, it came as second nature to assist people in uncovering a more expansive way of thinking, healthier way to live and care for themselves.  After years of over coming her own business and personal obstacles (business development, expansion and challenges, childhood traumas, health issues, divorce,…

Photo of Mr Harvey Deutschendorf

Mr Harvey Deutschendorf

CEO, Emotional Intelligence Expert, Internationally Published Author

Harvey is an emotional intelligence expert, speaker, trainer and internationally published author of THE OTHER KIND OF SMART, Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success.  He also writes for FAST COMPANY and has monthly column with HRPROFESSIONALS MAGAZINE.  In 2015 Harvey was recognized by TRUST ACROSS AMERICA as one…

Photo of Alissa DeWitt PCC, CPC, CERS

Alissa DeWitt PCC, CPC, CERS

Founder/CEO & Executive Coach

Alissa DeWitt, PCC, CPC, CERS     Founder/CEO & Executive Coach @ Executive Impact Executive Impact is a premier partner for culture transformation and leadership development.  We are focused on helping companies increase their "culture capital" by empowering leaders and developing high performance leadership teams.  Ultimately, we envision a world where individuals and organizations are passionate…

Photo of Robert Dourado

Robert Dourado

Certified Success Principles Trainer

Robert Dourado is a Founder of R&A Dourado Leadership International and a Co-Founder at SOIDEMER©® Brand Consulting and Design Agency. A Bachelors Degree holder in Commerce and Economics with a major in Business Management and a Certified Trainer under Blair Singer in 2015 and now a Canfield Certified Trainer in Success Principles 2017,  Robert specializes…

Photo of Sherry Dutra

Sherry Dutra


Professional Certified Coach Sherry Dutra is fiercely committed to partnering with leaders like you to tap into your highest potential and achieve clarity of goals and purpose. This opens the door to new possibilities that allow you to choose who you truly desire to be in your role and create the rewarding and fulfilling career…