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The Canfield Trainer Directory, is a searchable online directory to connect with trained graduates of Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer Professional Development Program – a year-long intensive professional training program focused on how to experientially teach the principles of success and the facilitation of individual and group transformation.

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Photo of Dave Bauer

Dave Bauer is a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer. Having been introduced to the movie The Secret, he sought out Jack Canfield and attended one of his workshops. Immediately after the workshop, he signed up for the Train-the-Trainer™ Program and became certified. Dave read many books on the mind when he was a boy and…

Photo of Jennifer Marie Baugh

Jennifer Marie Baugh

Thought Leader

Jennifer speaks to administrators, educators and corporate executives about the importance of emotional intelligence and mindfulness in the classroom, office or boardroom. As an individual who struggled with undiagnosed ADHD until age 35, Jennifer brings a fresh perspective to the importance of effective communication, creating a positive, engaging environment for students and staff to thrive…

Photo of Mohammed Bawazir

Mohammed Bawazir

Business & Personal Coach

Mohammed Bawazir was born and raised up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, by Yemeni migrant parents. His father was an employee and his mother was a housewife. Mohammed has been always fascinated with the idea of business. So, he started several businesses. Every time he saved some money from his job and dumped it all in…

Photo of Elizabeth A Beatty

Elizabeth A Beatty


I am a coach and trainer.  Although I did not always believe this way, I believe we are created to live a life of abundance and joy and it is only our subconscious beliefs and fears that hold us back from achieving anything we want.  My former life consisted of working at an unfulfilling job, going to…

Photo of Nancy Ellen Belda

This is, one might say, a third career for me.  I graduated from nursing school and enjoyed my tenure as an ER nurse for many years.  I left full time nursing to raise my children, choosing to work on the weekends in a local ER. It was a "chance happening" that I was introduced to…

Photo of Mrs. Iva Marić Belé

Iva has 20 years experience in international and private companies at positions of Product manager, Head of Marketing, Head of CRM and Business Development. During her carrier, her favorite industry was pharmaceutical, but she has experience in other industries. She believes that wisdom, life experience, ups and downs are true ground which gives us ability…

Photo of Eva Bengtsson

Eva Bengtsson

M.Sc. in Education and Career Counseling

Eva is a self employed consultant who specializes in education, career guidance, coaching and health & wellness. She also trains professionals in Supported Education, a method used in rehabilitation to help people with mental health issues to be successful with their studies. She has more than 20 years of experience working in schools, social service…

Photo of Bill Bergau

Bill Bergau

Success Coach, Inspirational Trainer, Career Coach

What is your “why”?  All of us have a direction to discover, a purpose to fulfill, a yearning to uncover our true selves.  Bill believes that we as individuals, even organizations and businesses, must dive into the sea of discovery of our why. Bill Bergau found his why – like many of us – the…




Arun is an Entrepreneur, who was earlier a professional, with over 25 years experience in the ‘Corporate world’.  He has held leadership positions in some of the premier organizations and has worked in India and USA. He is a ‘Certified Life Coach and a Career Coach’ and has coached a large number of individuals during…