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The Canfield Trainer Directory, is a searchable online directory to connect with trained graduates of Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer Professional Development Program – a year-long intensive professional training program focused on how to experientially teach the principles of success and the facilitation of individual and group transformation.

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Photo of Nancy Ellen Belda

This is, one might say, a third career for me.  I graduated from nursing school and enjoyed my tenure as an ER nurse for many years.  I left full time nursing to raise my children, choosing to work on the weekends in a local ER. It was a "chance happening" that I was introduced to…

Photo of Mrs. Iva Marić Belé

Iva has 20 years experience in international and private companies at positions of Product manager, Head of Marketing, Head of CRM and Business Development. During her carrier, her favorite industry was pharmaceutical, but she has experience in other industries. She believes that wisdom, life experience, ups and downs are true ground which gives us ability…

Photo of Eva Bengtsson

Eva Bengtsson

M.Sc. in Education and Career Counseling

Eva is a self employed consultant who specializes in education, career guidance, coaching and health & wellness. She also trains professionals in Supported Education, a method used in rehabilitation to help people with mental health issues to be successful with their studies. She has more than 20 years of experience working in schools, social service…

Photo of Bill Bergau

Bill Bergau

Success Coach, Inspirational Trainer, Career Coach

What is your “why”?  All of us have a direction to discover, a purpose to fulfill, a yearning to uncover our true selves.  Bill believes that we as individuals, even organizations and businesses, must dive into the sea of discovery of our why. Bill Bergau found his why – like many of us – the…




Arun is an Entrepreneur, who was earlier a professional, with over 25 years experience in the ‘Corporate world’.  He has held leadership positions in some of the premier organizations and has worked in India and USA. He is a ‘Certified Life Coach and a Career Coach’ and has coached a large number of individuals during…

Photo of Dr. Nishchal Vinaykant Bhatt

Dr. Nishchal Vinaykant Bhatt

Transformational Coach , Parenting Expert.

Practicing Child Specialist & Teenagers Health Consultant. At Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India. Creator of "PARENTeens" one day workshop.. What is #Parenting in this age of #Digital_Revolution and #Globalisation? ??☀Increasing levels of #Competition , Reducing Paradigms Of space and time , evolving sources of #Information and Entertainment , #Changing Moral , Social & Religious values is leaving all…

Photo of Garret Brandon Biss

Garret Brandon Biss

President, Trainer, Keynote Speaker & Award-winning Author

Garret Biss is a New Bern, North Carolina resident and former US Marine Corps Aviator turned award-winning author and professional speaker. Throughout his career, Garret has enjoyed working with many great leaders and Marines from all walks of life. Through this experience, Garret has become fascinated by the many different ways people approach success, enjoyment…

Photo of Dina Blanco-Ioannou

Dina is a professional English Language Teacher and Teacher Educator with over 20 years experience. She is also a Transformational Coach and Trainer and founder of Lessons-in-Self, a transformational educational programme that aims to inspire, empower and support individuals in reaching their highest potential. Lessons-in-Self teaches you about the power you have within so you…

Photo of Katia Bockstaele

Author, Passionista, Life Coach, Personal Development Trainer. Proud and first Belgian Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer since September 2015. I'm on a mission to empower and inspire women to find their own authentic voice, their inner Passionista, to recreate a life full of passion, fun and profit. I show them how they too can find…

Photo of SMARAK Ranjan BOHIDAR


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