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The Canfield Trainer Directory, is a searchable online directory to connect with trained graduates of Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer Professional Development Program – a year-long intensive professional training program focused on how to experientially teach the principles of success and the facilitation of individual and group transformation.

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Photo of Dina Blanco-Ioannou

Dina is a professional English Language Teacher and Teacher Educator with over 20 years experience. She is also a Transformational Coach and Trainer and founder of Lessons-in-Self, a transformational educational programme that aims to inspire, empower and support individuals in reaching their highest potential. Lessons-in-Self teaches you about the power you have within so you…

Photo of April M Bliss

April M Bliss


April Bliss is a marketing and business consultant who brings her extensive marketing and sales career in radio, national magazines, newspaper, automobile industry, retail management, and personality assessment consulting business and incorporates those experiences along with Success Principles and NLP processes to train and coach individuals and businesses alike.  Along with delivering state of the…

Photo of Katia Bockstaele

Author, Passionista, Life Coach, Personal Development Trainer. Proud and first Belgian Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer since September 2015. I'm on a mission to empower and inspire women to find their own authentic voice, their inner Passionista, to recreate a life full of passion, fun and profit. I show them how they too can find…

Photo of SMARAK Ranjan BOHIDAR


The Success Principles

Photo of Mrs Linda Dianne Bolton

Mrs Linda Dianne Bolton

CEO, Founder and Co-Owner

For many years I worked as a Director of Nursing, Nursing Teaching, Nursing Consultant and CEO in Long Term Care.  My next career took me to starting and Pastoring churches for the next 15 years as well as being and worldwide speaker sharing my personal testimony.  I am the author of my autobiography, In the…

Photo of Ms Penny Sicangco Bongato

Ms. Penny Bongato, FPM, MBA, is the first Filipino to have been granted full certification on THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES© last August 2015. Now, she is very excited to bring these secrets of success to the Filipinos. A seasoned HR practitioner, particularly in the Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry, she has been instrumental…

Photo of Dr. Don Ray Booz

Dr. Don Ray Booz

Executive Coach

As an ICF certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who specializes in conversational intelligence, emotional intelligence, leadership skills and anger management, I work with a variety of professionals and their organizations helping them to reach their professional goals by developing a strategic action plan that produces results. My action oriented approach to goal achievement is immersed…

Photo of Nannette Bosh

Nannette Bosh

Speaker – Author – Trainer – Coach

Nannette Bosh has been leading and motivating individuals and teams for more than twenty years. She works with individuals and organizations unlocking potential and maximizing performance with emphasis on; authentic communication, brand building and loyalty, expanding creativity, facilitating engagement, re-energizing teams for increased productivity as well as self-esteem and development. Her story of struggle to…

Photo of Mr Mark Bourez

Mr Mark Bourez

Coach, Trainer

Based in the Monterey CA area. Mark Bourez is a trainer, speaker, coach and Single Father of a Special Needs son. A man in recovery for over 10 years, Mark is dedicated to helping those in recovery discover their passions in life, set goals, achieve greatness, and set forth on a life of fulfillment on…

Photo of Ms Margaret Mary Bourke

Following a successful career as a special educator Margaret then qualified as a registered psychologist and worked in primary and secondary schools in New South Wales, Australia, supporting students and staff to achieve optimal well-being. She authored the book 'Break Free From Teacher Stress' in 2016 which outlined 7 steps to manage, even embrace, stress.…

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