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The Canfield Trainer Directory, is a searchable online directory to connect with trained graduates of Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer Professional Development Program – a year-long intensive professional training program focused on how to experientially teach the principles of success and the facilitation of individual and group transformation.

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Photo of Catherine B Cooper

Most of my adult life has been spent in the private sector and dealing with all types of people both within the organizations and publicly.  I am very capable of exposing inner strengths and desires to assist  individuals in better decision making and moving forward. As I tell them, "find your personal North Star and…

Photo of Rev. Dr. Nicholas Charles Cooper-Lewter

Rev. Dr. Nicholas Charles Cooper-Lewter

The Soul Whisperer aka The Swan

Waking up to my youngest son (11 years old) pleading with me, "Daddy, Don't Die!" on a super- hot day at a gas pump; after he pulled me from under our car was my introduction to the unexpected life-threatening power of Leukemia. The ER doctor said "Death in 2 years for acute leukemia, 10 years…

Photo of Mrs. Lisa G. Coots-Schooley

Mrs. Lisa G. Coots-Schooley

Women’s Life/Business Empowerment Coach

I have 23 years experience owning successful businesses, I have studied for 18 years of self empowerment, self growth, I have been trained 1*1 by Jack Canfield himself and 5 other coaches. Trust me when I say ladies, the one thing I cherish the most, is watching my clients light up, change, and know they…

Photo of Marvin Cotton

I am a Speaker who has trained at Fortune 500 companies and successfully coached individuals and groups to meet their personal success goals. Born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in South Florida I began my speaking career early in Elementary School. My high school career was focused primarily on speaking. I anchored the morning announcements,…

Photo of Connor Cranston

Connor Cranston

Coach, Trainer, Speaker

How awesome is it to be adopted twice and survive death twice?! Being born in a little town in Vietnam (which I don't even know the name of ) with a twin brother and being raised by a single mom because my dad abandoned me was no easy task. Going to Afghanistan and doing the…

Photo of Andre Cronje

Andre Cronje is dedicated to inspiring hope that anyone can still live their best life, regardless of where they are at currently in life. Using his own story of giving up a corporate career to pursue a volunteer life for more than ten years, Andre helps people find true purpose and meaning in their own life. Andre…

Photo of Carol Lynn Cruz

Carol Lynn Cruz

Transformation Coach

Carol Cruz is the Founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit in Connecticut, that provides recovery resources to individuals and families affected by the onset of addiction and mental health challenges. She is a Certified Transformation Coach with over 20-years lived-experience in long-term recovery. ​As a wife and mother, she has a deep commitment to…

Photo of Kim Cruz

Kim Cruz

CEO and Founder

Managing Change. Leading People. Transforming Organizations. Making it Stick. For mid-size and large companies, business-critical change is not the exception. It’s the rule.  We aim to start a whole new global conversation about Change Leadership.Discover a fresh approach to lead and succeed with your company’s biggest change initiatives while putting people and planet first. What…

Photo of Joelle Dagher

Joelle Dagher is a passionate traveler who’s been to 75 cities in 21 countries. She recently started her own travel blog where she shares her daily experiences, and post reviews on hotels, attractions, food, etc. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics, a certificate in Human Resources, and she is the first student to become a Certified Canfield Trainer in…

Photo of Sabrina Damato

Sabrina Damato

Professional & Personal Certified Coach

Empowering women—like you—who want to break free from what holds them back so they boldly become who they are meant to be and enrich all creation.